Customer Testimonials

"We were able to keep his dignity intact... This thing has true and real benefits to everybody--the parent, the siblings--in keeping that person home, healthy and happy in their later years in life."
-- Grant Jones

"It gave us a real sense of security. My father has dementia... It would be a real concern for him to wander out toward the river and we didn't want that to happen, so the motion detector can alert us if he's out there."
-- Rachelle Brueford

"We wanted to make sure that she was in a place that was comfortable for her and that she felt safe in. We can get online and know that she came in the house at 5:30, that's she's in the living room... so we know that she is okay."
-- Cody Fraughton


Henry is 75 years old and lives independently in Sun City West, Arizona. He’s physically fit – he works out and goes to an exercise class in the community. Henry used to live in Michigan, but after his retirement, he decided to move to a warmer climate. His children and grandchildren live all around the country from California to Boston.

Even though Henry stays healthy and fit, his children can’t help but worry about him. They decided to install GrandCare, COMO, into his home so they could have that “peace of mind” from a distance. Henry enjoys watching his COMO TV Channel and see all of the updated information that his children and grandchildren have added. His grandchildren often send cell phone pictures on a daily basis.

Since all of the children live out of state, they elected to work with a home-based care organization. A caregiver named Molly comes to Henry’s apartment twice a week to do some light house work, take him on outings and provide him with some companionship. Molly and her organization work directly with Henry, his extended family and GrandCare Systems. If a situation arises, GrandCare alerts Molly directly, so she can respond quickly. Henry’s family loves it, because they can continually check GrandCare and be a part of Henry’s caregiver network from afar. Molly leaves notes right on GrandCare for Henry’s family to see. If Henry wins at bingo or if he has a cold, Henry’s family knows immediately and can feel “in the loop”.

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Larry is 82 years old and lives alone in a small cottage next door to his daughter, Jane. Larry goes to church on Sundays, he reads to fourth grade students twice a week, and he volunteers at a local retirement community. Every day he walks to Jane’s house for breakfast and supper. Living in Wisconsin, Jane worried that he might fall on the ice some night, and she would not know until the next morning.

With GrandCare, she will get a call if he doesn’t get back home. She also uses GrandCare to let her know when he arises from his afternoon nap so she doesn’t wake him up with a phone call. For the good times, Jane and her siblings take advantage of the GrandCare calendar to coordinate activities. Usually, Jane takes Larry to church on Sunday, but sometimes her brother takes him at a different time. To keep everyone from getting mixed up, they enter the information on the GrandCare calendar, and Larry sees it on the television. His memory is constantly being refreshed, (and so is Jane’s!)

When Larry watches television, he doesn’t like complicated plots, violence or bad news. Now, he either watches re-runs of Mash, the religious channel, or GrandCare. The headline news, weather forecast, famous quotes and word definitions provided by GrandCare give Larry new topics to discuss with his family and help to keep him current! In fact, Larry takes the word of the day to the elementary school where he reads, and he tests the librarians on their vocabulary.

Larry remembers the times before GrandCare when he was the caregiver for his mother. Once her furnace almost burned the house down. She had been hearing noises and enduring temperature swings but didn’t want to bother anyone.
GrandCare would have provided the Peace of Mind to him then that it provides now for his daughter.


Jean is an independent 75 year old who lives alone in Daytona Beach, Florida. Her 48 year old daughter, Carol, lives just a few miles down the beach. Jean is mentally acute and physically able. Some of her daily activities include walking, growing orchids under lights, genealogical research, surfing the Internet and baking bread. A few years ago she developed a disorder which causes occasional night time seizures. The next day she experiences a period of disorientation, wandering and confusion.

Daughter Carol is very concerned about this disoriented state, and Jean’s physicians recommended that she move to an assisted living facility. Jean felt strongly that  she didn’t want to leave her home; however, as brave as she was, she too was nervous about being alone.

Jean found GrandCare Systems.

Now, Carol gets a phone call if Jean begins to wander inside her home or walks out the door. Then Carol goes over to stay until Jean is normal again. Carol will also get a call if Jean pushes one of the call buttons or even if it gets too hot or cold in the home.

Usually, we say that GrandCare is for the good times. Jean has two sons and several grandchildren living out of town. Since GrandCare is also a communication system, they all can log-in on the website and send pictures and messages to Jean’s TV set. They can even send emails directly to the television.

For Jean, the best thing about GrandCare is that Carol has the freedom to live her own life and that she can stop calling so often! Jean’s blood pressure has gone down, and she has a renewed sense of confidence!