Golden Age offers passive or interactive systems to meet the needs of our clients.  Our standard system requires no interaction from your loved ones.  It is there to provide the caregiver peace of mind without intruding.  The premier system is interactive; provides an easy to use touch screen in which loved ones can view pictures, videos, e-mails, movies, games and music, all on a closed and secure cloud network, sent to them by approved caregivers.

Packages may be purchased as-is, modified to meet the needs of our clients, or other items added to them.


Passive: Includes base unit, license, motion and contact sensors, contact button, and 6 months monitoring.


Interactive: Includes base unit, license, motion and contact sensors, blood pressure cuff, weight scale, contact button, and touch screen.


  • Lighting Control
  • Thermostat Control
  • Oximeter
  • Glucose Meter
  • Medication Dispenser
  • Wireless Smoke Detector
  • Wireless Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • Garage Door Control
  • Water Resistant Panic Button
  • PERS (Personal Emergency Response Sensors)
  • Music Systems
  • Automatic Door Locks
  • Cameras
  • Wandering Alerts
  • Hearing Aid Devices
  • Large Button Remotes/Telephones
  • Intercoms
***Ask about our lease and financing options.