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As my parents aged, I saw a day, in the not too distant future, where they would need help to remain in their home.  When I began looking for ways to assist them I discovered a growing number of my friends had the same problem.  I started Golden Age Technology to address the needs of an aging population. Our staff has diverse work experience and is uniquely qualified to give caregivers of aging and special needs adults the tools that will allow them to live independently and stay in their home.  Our background in Home Automation, social work, and over thirty years of experience in geriatric care will allow us to develop a personalized system that will permit your loved ones to stay in their home longer.  Studies have shown that the longer people stay in their home the healthier and happier they tend to be.  Our business is based on our relationship with our clients and we will be there to modify your system if your needs change.  We appreciate the opportunity to work with you and show you how our system can help keep your loved ones in their homes longer and give caregivers peace of mind. Contact us for an in-home consultation.

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