Who can benefit from this technology?

  • Caregivers of aging parents.
  • Caregivers of disabled loved ones.
  • Seniors wishing to remain in their homes.
  • Companies providing home health care.

Benefits of Aging in Place*:

  • Physical Health: There is greater control over exposure to pathogens in your own home.
  • Emotional Health: Home can provide a social center, source of pride in ownership, feeling of “rootedness,” and a source of stability in the midst of loss and change related to aging.
  • Mental Health: Tasks such as housekeeping, paying bills, yard work, gardening, and caring for pets may actually help support the process of healthy aging by keeping the mind and body engaged.
  • Social Health: Staying in the neighborhood and close to social networks is an important stimulation, as longevity studies have shown the more complex your daily behavior, the longer you live.
  • Avoiding the high cost of care: Average cost of assisted living and nursing home facilities range between $3261.00-$6390.00 a month. For less than the cost of one month at a facility, this system can be purchased.
  • Prevention of ‘Relocation Stress’ or ‘Transfer Trauma’ which include symptoms often seen when an older adult is moved from one environment to another. These might include things like sleep disturbances, depression or cognitive decline.
*Courtesy of
**From 2011 Genworth Financial Study

Benefits of our technology systems:

  • Peace of mind for caregivers
  • Maintain independence while still maintaining privacy
  • Affordable
  • Unobtrusive
  • Flexible and expandable
  • Specifically designed to meet your needs